About Hongcheng

Hongcheng is a wooden product manufacturer, offering a wide variety of wooden panels and furniture primarily for use in home decoration, office, and building. We specialize in modern design and are happy to work with you to achieve the perfect piece for your need. We typically work with particle board, MDF, plywood, and wood veneer, etc. Each piece of wood panel or furniture will be designed for your individual desires.

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Quality Commitment
Hongcheng has established a complete quality inspection system. In a production line, the semi-finished products to be put into next step will be tested first to filter out those unqualified ones before any treatment. After all of the manufacturing processes are finished, our inspectors will have a comprehensive inspection for the finished panels and then pack them well. Finally, a casual inspection is required for the packed products.

Customization Service
At Hongcheng, OEM and ODM orders are welcomed. We are committed to providing users with the most practical and professional solutions for customers’ individual needs, even for the most demanding requirements.