1. M.M Company in Qatar
In 2010, M.M, a company in Qatar, knew us at the Canton Fair and started their cooperation with Hongcheng. They visited our factory and asked us to supply them 1200CBM of building plates and door panels monthly.

2. Clients in Ethiopia
In 2011, an Ethiopian company came to Hongcheng and signed a long-term contract with us. Now we supply them 1500CBM of wooden panels each month.

3. PT. Furniture in Korea
In 2012, our client in Korea, PT. Furniture ordered 2 melamine paper impregnation lines. Now we are considering to develop new machinery together.

4. Client in Kenya
In 2013, a company in Kenya ordered a set of particle board production line from us. Now Hongcheng is still in good cooperation with them and provide them with accessories regularly.

5. Exhibition: 2016 Lagos International Trade Fair
Booth No.: B2;
Date: 8-12, November, 2016;
Location: China Hall, TBS (Tafawa Balewa Square), Lagos, Nigeria